SoFi Publishes Inaugural Environmental, Social, and Governance Report

Earlier this year, we announced the launch of a dedicated ESG Committee, which is made up of 10 SoFi stakeholders who represent key areas our organization– including facilities, people, financial reporting, and others – and tasked them with tracking our progress within environmental, social, and governance programs while also collaborating to devise and execute strategies for future impact. As part of this initiative, the team also took a reflective look at existing programs.

With this, we are excited to share that our first comprehensive ESG report is now available, capturing our efforts over the course of 2022. This inaugural report is intended to provide stakeholders from across the SoFi community – from members, to investors, partners, and others – with a data-driven look at our stance on ESG matters today, while also providing a baseline that will be key to tracking progress over time.

The topics covered in our first report are those that have been key to informing our ESG approach today as well as those that are being used to inform the future opportunities to help us further potential future impact. This includes our people programs (e.g., benefits, diversity, equity and inclusion, compensation, our approach to talent and employee development, etc.) – as well as our product development processes, community investments and social impact, our environmental footprint, corporate governance strategies, risk management operations, public policy initiatives, and more.

We are excited to share this with you today and continue to bring each of you along with us as we enter the next chapter in our endeavor to foster a better tomorrow.

Contact Information: For general inquiries about SoFi’s ESG strategy or upcoming report, please reach out to [email protected], and for investor-specific questions, [email protected].

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